Troyer Landscaping Review

This is a quick shout out for any of you who like to read reviews.  My experience with Cougar Mountain Landscaping was nothing short of a miracle.

First off, I was building a new home and had made so many darn decisions from design to choices of material that by the time I got to landscaping my mind was worn out.  I called my existing landscaper who had become a friend after doing multiple projects on my last home; he came out, walked the property and said “yeah, I can do this for you”, and said to give him a week and he would call me back.

Since I was building a new custom home, I wanted at least two bids for everything.  My pool guy recommended Dave and Curt.  Dave met me at the property and asked for me to bring him a set of plans and CC&R’s so he knew exactly what he could and could not do.  Dave walked the property and took notes; asking me what I would like and what I would envision.  He wasn’t really suggesting anything but simply asking a lot of questions as to what I like.  Dave then told me he would have a written proposal the following week.

The following week I met my existing landscaper at the home, he had a piece of paper and told me what he envisioned and had a ballpark range within $20k north or south of what I was looking for.  I simply had to put trust in his process because he had done right by me numerous times in the past.

Dave shows up and pulls down the tailgate to my truck, lays out a 2ft by 2ft paper with the outline of my house and how it sat on the lot and had the setbacks defined in a dotted line.  Drawn on the paper were every tree, shrub, water line, rock, waterfall, plant, bush, bedding and everything else you could imagine.  Then in the definition section, it named every tree, shrub, plant, and type of material to be used by name.  The 2nd page had an all-inclusive line item pricing listed down to the penny.  Then Dave proceeded to walk the property and show me pictures of the types of bushes and shrubs and trees and the material they would use.  I could easily envision what the end project would look like.  He then left it with me and told me to call him within the week to get on the schedule.

End result—Cougar Mountain Landscaping started on time, did exactly and I mean exactly, what they said they would do.  Each time they accepted a draw payment it was detailed down to exactly what the line item quote was.  I could not be more pleased with their foreman, John.  John knew I was not the most educated guy with regard to outside work and know for sure I did not grow up on a farm.  He was quick to respond, and many times called me to come to check out the work that was going to be covered up because he wanted me to understand the steps, they were taking to do the job right.

Having said all this, my home was featured in the 2020 calendar for Baselite and also appears on other websites.  Their work is fantastic, fair, professional and accurate.  You won’t find more honest hardworking guys to work for you and communicate with you to make sure you are comfortable with every step of the process.

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